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Unleash your GP potential with GP Enrich

At GP Enrich, we help students fulfill their aspirations and jumpstart their GP success through

     Proven Essay and AQ formats to enhance your writing success

     Ample Notes and Examples to fulfill the dynamic needs of GP

     Unique approach to Ace your Comprehension

     Group lessons that allow for individual customization

     Convenient learning venues in Bukit Timah, Pasir Ris and Jurong East

Outstanding testimonials about our GP tuition

Writing Competency

Leon focuses on writing techniques which allowed my essays and AQ to score a much better grade.


- Hoo Tianing, TJC


Leon’s strategies have helped in giving me options that I can use in expanding my writing approach and also allows me not to lose focus in examinations where time constraint is a major issue.

- Tan Yunqiang, NYJC



Individual Customization

Leon is patient in explaining the more difficult concepts and makes the effort to ensure that each student is able to understand them.


- Beverly Wong, ACJC


Leon teaches in an engaging yet flexible fashion, accommodating the flairs of each pupil into his teaching methods.

- Gabriel Chan, ACJC



Care & Passion

Leon strikes me most as a good GP tutor, for unlike many other tuition teachers, he genuinely cares for the welfare of his students and acts more like a friend to his students.

- Gan Yu, NJC


Leon will never fail to include the element of joy into each and every lesson.

- Fan Yuechen, ACJC



Ample Notes & Examples

Under Leon, your essays will never lack examples, nor will you be writing "illogical and immature arguments".

- Derek Tan Jun En, ACJC


Students should come to him as comprehensive examples for each topic are handed out and his focus on writing skills has enabled me to improve.


- Lam Kah Hui, NYJC


Developing Worldliness

Lessons were filled with active, in-depth discussions on topics which stems from everyday life yet related to GP.

- Victoria Chong Si Li, NJC


Leon utilizes his personal life experiences and worldly observations to explain difficult concepts, making them easier to understand.


- Peng Wan, NJC



Cultivating a Love for GP

Leon’s passion for GP has inspired me to develop a liking for GP and stretched my thinking further than I thought I ever would.

- Auyong Shisien, AJC


Leon is an energetic and charismatic tutor who manages to convey the highly applicable techniques required to understand the flair of GP in a fun, direct and relatable manner.


- Vincent Chua, IJC



Our proven writing formulas guarantee success

Leon reiterates important concepts, with each topic or body paragraph having its secret formula in writing it well. His writing secrets have allowed me to write eloquently and improved my linguistic structure significantly.

- Yeo Shunyi, PJC

Register today to find out how we have helped countless students, like Shunyi, elevate their writing in the context of elegance and precision to achieve excellence in GP. The samples provided below are just some of the numerous materials crafted together with our students during class (mouseover for more examples).

Balanced Introduction Sample 01

Balanced Introduction Sample 01

Balanced Introduction Sample 02

Balanced Introduction Sample 02

Body Paragraph Sample

Body Paragraph Sample

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