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Our Online Lesson Format

We have shifted from physical lessons to conducting our lessons online. If you are a student unfamiliar with having tuition online, rest assured that we have had many favourable reviews from our students. Below are some benefits of an online format:

  • Infinite review of each lesson's recording for better retention

  • Save on traveling time (JC is hectic enough as it is!)

  • Attend lessons in the comfort of your own home and attire

  • The coronavirus is a very real threat!

  • Both teachers and students are able to share their screens and annotations for greater clarity

  • Questions can be verbalised live same as in an actual classroom

If you still have any reservations, give our FREE TRIAL a try. It's free, so you have much to gain with nothing to lose! 

I love the review feature for Leon's online lessons. I can even rewatch each video at x2 speed to save time!

- Maxine Zhou, AJC


My initial reservations have been alleviated after attending Leon's trial. Lesson quality has been awesome.

- Wang Yuhui, ACJC



Fee Information

Admin Fee


Fees per month


Lesson frequency

Value added service

$20 (non-refundable)

One month's fees

$300 per month (payable at the beginning of each month)

1.5 hours per lesson

4 lessons per month (A week's break is taken on months with 5 lessons)

Free personal consults can be arranged with our tutors outside of lessons

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